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A will is an essential and basic estate-planning document that can help provide for your family following your death and makes the process of closing your estate easier for your loved ones. You should make sure your assets are titled properly to avoid probate court, otherwise, your last will and testament dictates how you want your assets and possessions distributed following your death. A will does not allow a person's estate to avoid the probate process, but does determine how assets are distributed and divided upon death. Dying without a will or other estate planning documents means Missouri Law determines how assets are divided upon death and you will have no say in how your assets are distributed upon your death.

Our team of attorneys can assist you in your estate planning and drafting a will or other document so that your assets are protected upon your death and are distributed consistent with your desires. Our years of experience allow us to assist you in drafting your will to meet your desires and wishes. We take the time to sit down with you and evaluate your financial situation to draft a will and estate planning documents to meet your needs.

Contact our experienced team of attorneys today for an initial consultation by calling 314-333-4140 or contact us online. We will assist you in your estate planning needs.