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DWI and Driving While Suspended Attorneys

A traffic ticket should not be ignored. One too many traffic tickets, can lead to a license suspension. If you have an outstanding warrant against you, you could be arrested after being pulled over while driving.

We are Reinker, Hamilton & Piper LLC, experienced traffic violation defense attorneys. We fight to protect the driver's licenses of our clients, clean up driving records and restore licenses which have been revoked or suspended.

We handle traffic violation cases involving:

  • Speeding
  • Driving with a revoked license
  • Driving while suspended
  • Driving without insurance
  • Failure to yield
  • Running a stop sign
  • DWI / DUI
  • And other traffic violation cases

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Successfully overcoming just one traffic ticket may save you thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance premiums.

Minimizing Point and Protecting Driver¹s Licenses

By paying a fine, you are admitting guilt. Before you take this step, speak with us about your case.

In many cases, we have been successful in getting traffic citations dismissed or reduced on factual or legal grounds. We will work to minimize the points and penalties you incur, and to avoid them entirely if that is possible. Often, we can represent clients without their need to appear in court. If your license has been suspended or revoked, we can seek to have it reinstated.

Aggressive DWI Representation

An arrest for DWI is a serious matter — the outcome can affect your life for many years to come.

We are experienced criminal defense lawyers with a record of success in cases involving DWI/DUI. In your case, we will provide aggressive representation at all stages of the legal process:

Administrative Hearing — if you do nothing, your driver's license will be suspended. Because you must request a hearing within 15 days of your arrest, you need to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. We can represent you at his hearing to fight the suspension, including appealing these suspensions to circuit court and filing a petition for review in circuit court in instance involving refusals to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Criminal Proceeding — we will vigorously represent you in the criminal proceeding to seek a dismissal, plea agreement to a reduced charge or a suspended imposition of sentence. We will carefully review the facts of your case, looking for ways to overcome the charge. These include lack of probable cause for the stop, improper field sobriety tests, invalid breath tests and other factors.

Whenever possible, we will seek to obtain a dismissal or suspended imposition of sentence.

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