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Parent Moving in Missouri

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What happens when a custodial parent wants to relocate with a child?

It may be possible to achieve an acceptable resolution to this question through negotiation, but more than likely assertive action in court is necessary to protect the parent's rights when seeking or fighting post divorce relocation.

Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper are family law attorneys with extensive experience in child relocation cases. We have successfully represented custodial parents wanting to relocate with children, and non-custodial parents who oppose moving a child following a divorce. We also represent clients in appeals of child post divorce relocation decisions.

Contact us to schedule an initial phone consultation. Using our experience and skills, we will fight for your rights.

Post Divorce Relocation Issues

When it comes to matters of custody and visitation, the court follows a straightforward principle — the "best interest of the child." That "best interest" though is not always what one parent thinks it is or should be. With arguments grounded in the facts and the law however, it may be possible to persuade the court to your point of view.

We will carefully examine all of the issues in your case and provide you with a realistic and objective assessment of your chances. We will explain the legal process, the costs of litigation and the potential risks of the action.

If your decision is to go forward, we will vigorously litigate to achieve your goals.

Appeals of Child Relocation Decisions

We have considerable experience in appeals of child relocation and child custody decisions. Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper will present your appeal with skill and legal precision. We want to protect your rights and achieve a solution that enables you to maintain a close parental relationship with your children.

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