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Our team of attorneys can assist you and your family following the death of a family member and can help you through the probate process. Probate allows you to transfer legal ownership of property from a deceased individual to that person's heirs. We work with the estate's executor if one was named in a will to help you comply with all of the probate court's requirements. If there is no will or executor named we assist you in following Missouri's law so all property is distributed to the heirs.

As part of the probate process we help you determine if there was a valid will left by the deceased. If there was a valid will left we then help you through the probate process including appointing the executor, having the property valued, paying all debts owed to creditors and then distributing the property acceding to the deceased's wishes. If the total value of the property remaining in the estate is less than $40,000 the estate is eligible to be declared a small estate and can then be dealt with in a less complicated legal process.

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