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Prenuptial agreements can serve as an insurance policy for couples about to get married. The idea of a prenuptial agreement is to help couples get on equal footing through determining upfront how their assets will be handled. Couples stand nothing to lose once a prenuptial agreement is drafted to take money concerns out of the equation.

Our attorneys, Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper, and our team of legal professionals, have an extensive background establishing simple to complex premarital agreements depending on the couple's situation. Prenuptial agreements can be particularly beneficial for couples getting married a second or third time with children. A well-defined prenuptial agreement can help protect children's inheritance from a previous marriage. Contact our law firm today for help establishing a prenuptial agreement focused on your unique goals and needs.

Prenuptial Agreements Help Eliminate Surprises

Couples generally enter into a marriage with the best of intentions, but financial concerns and other issues can add complexity to a marriage. Our family law attorneys are committed to helping clients work upfront to lay everything out on the table with a prenuptial agreement. This helps eliminate any unnecessary surprises through addressing financial concerns. A prenuptial agreement can identify issues such as who will pay the bills or will the finances be handled jointly or separately.

If a couple marries for love, a prenuptial agreement can put money discrepancies out of the equation so they can focus on their future without financial distractions. When you select our law firm, we will work with you to tailor a prenuptial agreement around your unique situation. We can make the prenuptial agreement as simple or complex as you would like. Our goal is to help couples work upfront to avoid conflicts that can lead to a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are very technical and can be overturned. The best investment you can make is to work with a highly skilled family law attorney focused on making sure every term of the agreement is valid. This is our law firm's focus. We have extensive experience establishing prenuptial agreements that hold up in a courtroom.

Contact a Skilled St. Louis Premarital Agreement Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements are most effective when each party obtains its own independent legal advice. Each side also has to be willing to provide a full disclosure of its financial situation.

Contact our office today for an initial consultation by calling 314-333-4140 or contact us online. We can refer your fiancé to another experienced family law firm to ensure you both receive experienced legal counsel.