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Paternity is not only important, it is required before asserting any of your rights as a parent. It is necessary to establish paternity, if you are seeking to force a father to pay child support. If you are father seeking custody and visitation with your child, you must first prove paternity.

Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper are experienced family law attorneys who represent women and men in questions regarding paternity.

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Representing Mothers

If you are a mother and want to make the father of your child pay support, we can take action to determine the paternity of the father and obtain the child support you and your child deserve. This can be done in two ways. A man can voluntarily acknowledge that he is the father of a child by signing a Declaration of Paternity, or we can go to court in a paternity action to force a man to undergo a DNA paternity test. Following that, we can go to court to obtain a child support order for you.

We also represent mothers who wish to establish custody and visitation rights against the biological fathers of their children. Our firm will also defend you against a man's attempt to custody or visitation with your children.

Representing Fathers Who Want Custody or Visitation

We also represent men who want to legally establish paternity in order to obtain custody or visitation rights, or defend against attempts to collect child support. You must be aware however, that even if you are a father, custody or visitation rights do not come automatically. You must show the court that such an action would be in the "best interest of the child."

Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper have a great deal of experience in custody and visitation matters. In your case, we will work to present a persuasive case on your behalf.

What If You Are Not the Father?

The Division of Child Support Services can require you to pay child support, even if you are not the father of the child. Often the Division bases its decision on poor information or assumptions that do not stand the test of logic or the facts.

We have represented many men who were not the biological fathers of children, yet who were still required to provide child support. If you are in this situation, we can go to court to challenge the Division's finding and get the order lifted.

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