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Divorce is undoubtedly a major life event that can be painful for everyone involved. Contested divorce disputes in the courtroom can quickly aggravate this emotional strain and the trauma to children. Many couples facing divorce find that reaching resolution through alternative means can significantly reduce the emotional trauma of divorce as well as the financial strain of a courtroom battle, and it can also provide a foundation for a healthier, happier life after divorce.

At the law firm of Reinker, Hamilton & Piper LLC, attorneys Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper provide comprehensive divorce and family law services to clients in Missouri. We are attorneys who understand what you are going through, who will treat you with respect, and who have the experience and skill to help you resolve your family law concerns effectively.

Robert N. Hamilton is a highly experienced St. Louis, Missouri, divorce mediation attorney who has more than a decade of experience in family mediation and alternative dispute resolution services. Additionally, he was one of the founding members of the Collaborative Family Law Association in St. Louis. He is also certified by the Collaborative Family Law Association.

Jennifer R. Piper is an experienced and aggressive litigator in family and custody matters. Her experience as a litigator and Guardian Ad Litem help her effectively see the needs of the families she helps through the mediation process. Ms. Piper is a Certified Parent Coordinator and is regularly appointed by the Court to assist families with the most difficult custody matters.

Third-party Divorce Mediation Services in St. Louis

Divorce mediation allows divorcing couples to take control of their divorce and of the outcome that is reached, in terms of property settlements, child custody and visitation arrangements, and any other issues. As a neutral, third-party mediator, Mr. Hamilton and Ms. Piper work to help the couple set conflicts aside and work toward a solution that both are comfortable with. As mediator, they do not serve as either party's advocate. Rather, they are objective in bringing the parties closer to resolution on personal, and extremely important, issues.

If an agreement cannot be reached in mediation, the parties can choose to proceed to have property division, custody, and other matters decided by the court.

Missouri Collaborative Law Services

Collaborative law divorce is a process similar to divorce mediation. However, rather than a neutral mediator facilitating resolution through negotiation sessions, each party is represented by his or her respective attorney. Both attorneys and their clients agree to resolve the matter through collaborative methods. If the matter ultimately ends up in court, new counsel will be required. There is an incentive for everyone to work together to achieve resolution.

Achieving a Positive Resolution Through Collaborative Divorce or Mediation

Whether you attempt to resolve your divorce through mediation or collaborative law, you can have confidence knowing that you have more control over how decisions are made, what decisions are made, and to what extent of finances you expend to achieve optimal resolution. More importantly, you can obtain closure to one part of your life and have confidence in the manner in which you start your life after divorce.

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For an initial consultation about divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, please contact the St. Louis law firm of Reinker, Hamilton & Piper LLC, and ask to speak with attorneys Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper.