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In Missouri, the level of child support is set by statutorily defined guidelines. The amount is based on the gross income of both parents and the amount of child custody each parent enjoys adjusted for certain expenses. Determining the appropriate child support amount can get more complicated due to a variety of factors. For this reason, the services of an experienced child support lawyer are essential.

Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper have successfully handled a large number of child support matters on behalf of clients.

We represent people in matters involving:

  • Determination of the child support payment level
  • Modifications in child support
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Paternity and child support

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Modifications in Child Support

A party can request to modify a child support order, upon showing of a substantial and continuing change in circumstances. What would a court find to meet this standard? In terms of income, a change of at least 20 percent in income is a presumption for a modification of child support. Other factors also significant enough to obtain a modification, can include a change in the child's living arrangements, health care needs or expenses.

At our practice, we have obtained many modifications in child support for our clients. In most cases, particularly those involving parents who earn a paycheck, we can get the court to issue a modified child support order efficiently and cost-effectively.

Complex Child Support Matters

We also represent clients in more complex child support cases. These include situations where a parent is self-employed, or when a parent attempts to hide income for the purposes of avoiding the payment of support. We also pay close attention to all of the income of a parent, such as income in the form of bonuses, stock options, or a company car allowance.

Robert N. Hamilton and Jennifer R. Piper are tenacious attorneys who understand how to dig out the truth and identify all sources of income. If you are entitled to receive child support, we will work energetically to get you the child support you deserve. If you are required to pay child support, we will work to achieve a child support order that is fair and reflects your true situation.

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